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ENN makes it easy to market the Crushing the Competition MasterClass (On-Demand version) by giving you everything you need right in one spot.  We have found that marketing an individual MasterClass can be highly effective.

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Your competitive strategy helps your business by guiding your positioning to make sure your business stands out, pushing you to iterate and outsmart the competition, helping you see where your competitors are weak so you can accentuate where you’re strong, and making your competitive advantage defensible. Too many business owners cover their eyes rather than keeping tabs on their competitors. That’s dangerous; competitors move fast and unless you open your eyes, they’ll leave you in their dust.


Runtime: 1 hr. 30 minutes of video
Videos: 11 videos
Worksheets: 3 worksheets

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  • Ad Library for this Course
  • Promotional Email
  • Intro Video


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