Free Webinar – Seven Secrets


This exciting webinar is designed to engage, excite and most importantly educate your audience.  After watching this free webinar, viewers will be given a special offer to purchase one of our courses (live or on-demand).

To promote any free webinar, all you need to do is get your audience to signup for the webinar that is currently being promoted.  ENN will provide the digital marketing assets needed to promote this webinar.

Next, you send them a link to the webinar.  It is a great idea to send a reminder email with the link one hour before the webinar begins.

Once the webinar is over, you should email all participants with a Coupon Code for a special discount to our courses.

This webinar will also be offered on-demand so a user can view anytime they wish.  Even with on-demand viewing, it is important to get the user to register so that you get their email address so you can promote to them.



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Digital Assets

  • Webinar Presentation:
  • Promotional Email
  • Social Media Promo Package (includes):
    • Instagram Post / Ad
    • Facebook Post / Ad
    • Tweets
    • LinkedIn Post with Graphic
  • On-demand Recording of the Free Webinar
    • Link:  TBD




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