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Weekly Marketing Kit #7 – Free Course on Pricing

This week's marketing kit is promoting our free course called, Create a Profitable Pricing Strategy for Your Business.

This is a great opportunity for you to use this to build your email list by collecting their email address via a landing page (in Mailchimp) before giving them the URL for the free course.  It is super easy to do.   Once customers get a chance to experience one of our full courses, they will want to buy more.

In addition to our social media posts (Linkedin and Instagram), this week's Marketing Kit also includes an email you can send to your house file.

The contents of this Weekly Marketing Kit is as follows (click on the links to download)

Marketing Package Includes:

  • Free Course - Pricing - LinkedIn Post and Graphic
  • Free Course - Pricing - Email Copy and Graphic
  • Free Course - Pricing - Email Landing Page Graphic (Use the LinkedIn Graphic for that and just add the email widget in Mailchimp)
  • Free Course - Pricing - General Ad to be used anywhere
  • Free Course - Pricing - Instagram Ad
  • Free Course - Pricing - Blog entry and graphic (if you want to add this to your blog, just use the graphic provided along with the copy from the LinkedIn Post).


The URL for the Free Course - Create a Profitable Pricing Strategy is:

(Note: The alternative URL which is a bit shorter is


Graphics Library:


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