The Seven Secrets Every Entrepreneur Must Know eBook can be distributed freely as you see fit.  ENN highly recommends that you work to obtain an email address before allowing the user to download the eBook.  You can easily create a landing page for the eBook in MailChimp (or other email packages) for free.

Once the user enters their email address they will be added to your database so you can mail to them offers and promotions.

ENN recommends that you direct the user back to the ENN website to download the book because they will see all the great courses we have available.  Just add your affiliate code to the end of the link to get credit for any sales.  Here is the URL for users to download the eBook.



Digital Assets

  • Landing Page Creative - To make it easy for you to build your landing page for the eBook, ENN is providing this handy graphic for you to just pop into the landing page. You can also use this graphic in ads or blogs promoting the eBook download.


  • Front Cover - You might also want to use the front cover to promote the eBook, so we have provided a graphic for that too.


Graphic Gallery: